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Meet Arthur Parks

Broker/Manager of the Peterborough & Kawarthas Office


p: 705-652-5000

  • Arthur was recruited to Bosley Real Estate by Tom Bosley in 1986. He started his real estate career at Bosley’s Yonge/Summerhill office in March 1987.

  • He has never looked back.

  • His successful real estate career started immediately and he has enjoyed being in the top 1% of real estate agents in Toronto for many years.


  • Arthur Parks, an alumni of Ryerson University, majored in finance from the esteemed institution.

  • His professional journey commenced at the Bank of Nova Scotia, where he rapidly ascended the corporate ladder, holding pivotal management roles both at the branch and head office levels.

  • Following his tenure at the bank, Arthur undertook the mantle of General Manager at two prominent Toronto-based companies, showcasing his exceptional leadership acumen.

  • Throughout his career, a burning passion for real estate investment coursed through Arthur’s veins.

  • His innate love for the art of buying and selling his personal real estate beckoned him to transition his formidable management and personnel skills into a thriving real estate career.

Why He Loves Real Estate


  • Arthur’s ardor for real estate is underpinned by his entrepreneurial spirit.

  • In the realm of real estate, every agent operates as a distinct business entity under the aegis of a brokerage firm. It’s a synergy Arthur deeply cherishes, and he has found his ideal partner in Bosley Real Estate, a brokerage firm renowned for its rich heritage and sterling reputation.

  • Arthur remains an indefatigable workaholic, eagerly embracing each day and its attendant challenges.

  • He thrives on the appreciation showered upon him, eloquently documented in the “Endorsement” section of his website,

  • Innovation is the lifeblood of Arthur’s approach to real estate.

  • Continually brewing new ideas for property promotion, he relishes sharing his insights with fellow realtors, dedicated to elevating the standards of professionalism within the industry.

His Career Today


  • Though Arthur officially embarked on the path of semi-retirement six years ago, he shows no signs of slowing down.

  • He established an office in the idyllic Lakefield, nestled within the Peterborough & The Kawarthas region, conveniently close to his cherished cottage.

  • His boundless energy is channeled into serving both the bustling Toronto market and the serene Peterborough & The Kawarthas market, all while deftly managing the Bosley office in Lakefield.

Awards & Recognition


  • Beyond his professional pursuits, Arthur has been a devoted Rotarian for many years, recently joining the Peterborough Branch, further underscoring his commitment to community involvement.

  • Throughout his storied real estate career, Arthur has amassed a treasure trove of accolades, including numerous prestigious awards for his outstanding sales volume.

  • Yet, his most cherished reward remains the profound respect he garners from his fellow agents and the heartfelt appreciation of his many loyal clients.

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